Hiromi Yoshimura

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   GALERIE SOL 2019.2.4.Mon~2.16.Sat



I make reliefs and statues using urushi ( Japanese ancient technique of Dakkanshitsu ).

Urushi is natural material and used for making Buddha statues which are regarded as      


Because of its warmness,urushi has been believed to represent spiritual nature

and inner surface of people.

To deal with urushi is great to create my art because of its lightness ( statue by

Dakkanshitsu become empty inside ),strength,and ideal to express what I would like to.

Today people often miss voices of nature because of their busy life.

I would like to make my art in order to represent such a gleam of replaceable life and

sound of nature.

Sometimes we have to face threats of nature. Gifts of  nature are normally tolerant

to people,but when it changes into threats,all we can do is to pray for living,

whereas other animals accept the threats and live calm in the great nature.

I selected animals and plants like penguins,birds,and beans as the motives that identify

such people's emotions.